Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Others

N - childhood sexual assaultant
Dani - childhood sexual assaultant
Bonnie - adoptive mother* 
Clyde - adoptive father *
Michael - stalker #1
MD - summer camp teen boyfriend (date sexual assault)
J - high school teen boyfriend (sodomized/sexual abuse)
NM - young adult stalker #2 turned boyfriend turned husband #1 (sexual assault, psychological abuse, domestic violence)
Freak Therapist - stalker #3
Boundary Breaker Therapist
Unknown Assaultant - (sexual abuse)*

(Not a complete list...its still a work in progress since my memory has so many holes in it. Plus the more stressed I am, the less likely I am to remember very much. Call it my brain's self-defense. I intend to discuss each of these at some point. The stars indicate Others who have more info than the average story.)

*more info to come

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