Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emotional roller coaster

I have been so very angry and full of rage at the entire world lately. For no reason and every reason all at once.

My hormones are screwed up all to Hell and back. I've got PMS for two-and-a-half weeks before every period. Then my periods are anywhere between two and ten days long, which gives me a week (if I'm lucky) before it starts all over again. For that reason alone, it takes very little to set me off (way or another - angry, sobbing etc) these days.

Then you add to that, as if it weren't enough, the migraines, which leave my head throbbing and my nerves raw. The PTSD nightmares, which either rob me or interrupt what precious little sleep I manage to get. Or the fibromyalgia flares. Then when you add the stress, forget about it.
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