Saturday, January 9, 2010

Six Word Saturday #3

Freezing snow outside, SweetPea won't poop!

It's been hoovering around 0 degrees and below around my neck of the woods this week. Between the temps and the snow and ice combo outside, SweetPea will not poop outside! Period. He refuses. I can take him outside. Freeze my butt off. Watch him freeze and shiver to the point where he appears to be having full-body seizures while he attempts to walk/hop through 4-8 inches of snow. His body is ready to poop. He starts to poop...then he sucks it back in his body! So of course, once he's back in the house and warm...he poops.

I can't wait for slightly warmer weather.


Rochelle said...

That's frustrating as hell but, you know, I wouldn't want to go outside either! Good luck! ;->

Autumn said...

I did the "what's your blog rated" thing on your blog. I got a PG-13 for the words "punch", "crap" and "dangerous".... Lol!!

Anyways, my dog wont go off the freakin porch! She doesnt even want to go OUT, but once I get her out of the house she stand on the porch and looks at me like I'm torturing her.... and we don't even have snow yet! I feel your pain!
Happy 6WS anyways!


Call Me Cate said...

Tough time of year for the critters. I wouldn't want to bare my booty outside either!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Tendrils said...


This post made me laugh so hard! Poor doggie!!!! :( I hate the cold!

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