Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Stealing #4: The Negativity Meme

Foods which disgust the crap out of me: Oysters

TV show I loathe: Little Bear, Max & Ruby

Movie I loathe: Planet of the Apes (old version or newer version - any version)

Music genres I loathe: Hard, heavy rock excluding Metallica

Magazine which annoys me: GQ

Makes me cranky at restaurant:

Makes me cranky in public: People who feel they have the right to discipline perfect strangers' children. The nerve!

Makes me cranky in general: Ignorance and liars

Pisses me off at home: Endless housework

Pisses me off at work: Writer's block

Pisses me off in general: Manipulation

Makes me impatient at home: My limitations

Makes me impatient at work: My limitations (ah the joys of working from home)

Makes me impatient in public: Rude people

Celebrity I hate: Mark Wahlberg (ick ick super ick ew!)

Music artist I hate: Hard, heavy rock excluding Metallica

I could care less about: I could care less about a lot of things because I care about a lot of things and people. Now I couldN'T care less about my neighbor's feelings when they lose their Section 8 Housing Assistance for threatening Cookie Monster, assaulting Pruny etc.

Annoys the crap out of me weekdays: Mega meltdown mornings with Oatmeal Raisin.

Annoys the crap out of me weekends: Feeling lost and overwhelmed without anyone to turn to even though they offer to help when we don't need it.

Blogger's habit that annoys you: Attacking another blogger via comments without leaving a name, email address, website etc. It's spineless and disgusting.

Feature on your blog you hate: Just that I can't seem to get it setup and looking the way I want it. It doesn't feel right to me yet.

Movie star you despise: Mark Wahlberg (ick ick super ick ew!)

Politician that you hate: If there were still a CIA etc I would worry about them coming to get me. Since there isn't, I'm not worried about saying this...I can't stand President Obama. There is just something about him that drives me nuts. Of course, his policies - new, old, possibly - don't help endear him to my heart any either.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for topping by my playground. Much apprecited. Ooo why didn't I think of Planet of the Apes. Damn. And I love your Bloggers habits. Great answer. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Aw - hard rock and heavy metal are misunderstood but, for me at least, really blow away stress and negativity.

After I'd finished the meme, a little Judas Priest at full volume made me feel like skipping through the fields and picking daisies.




kalea_kane said...

I agree...people who discipline other peoples kids drives me batty. I don't like seeing a kid act up, but I am certainly not going to step in period. That is just obnoxious. Have a great week!

Lisa said...

But but but ... don't you remember when he was Marky Mark and had the washboard abs and perfect body? Why must you hate him so? (grin)

And oysters - they are kind of nasty. I think it's a learned appreciation.

Thanks for stopping by Snarkypants. Have a good week!

Lily said...

Great answers!

I don't like Little Bear or Max & Ruby but my 3 year old granddaughter loves them both. So guess who watches them with her?

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You evenm did it better. You explkained WHY the grammar was wrong! Bravo...

Margaret said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I am glad that someone else hates Obama too! Pitbull is a hip hop singer.

Kwizgiver said...

The "could care less" bothered me, too.

Thanks for visiting my Sunday Stealing. :-)

Bev Sykes said...

I may have to steal this meme!


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