Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confusing English Language

Okay, so the more posts I write the more I'm finding that the children creep in far more than I had initially planned. I had thought that this blog would be primarily about me, my PTSD, my BPD, and how I got them. I knew some present day stuff would come up but I didn't expect it to be so much that the children would need actual names. Then my husband decided, admitedly with some prodding from yours truly, to start his own blog. If I point it out to you, you will know the children's names anyway and my letters as names is useless. Plus, A is really confusing. What with it being an actual word in the English language. So the Cookie Monster can call the boys by their first names - I'm not pointing his blog out to you. But I have decided to give the boys names here. So here they are:

R = Alex
A = AJ
B = Wyatt
C = Cooper

There problem solved. Although you still won't get to see pictures of any of us - ever. I'm standing firm on that one. I am going to share pictures of my beloved fur babies though. Oh and my art. So at least my blog won't be completely picture free, right? =)

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